Terms & Conditions 


  • All appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours before the confirmed appointment date. All appointments that are canceled within 48 hours will be responsible for 10% of the booking price. Please confirm all appointments within 72 hours from the confirmed date to prevent cancelation fees .
  • Our professionals health is important to us. Please keep your home's temperature no higher than 75 degrees during the spring and summer months.
  • All payments must be paid prior to servicing or receiving a confirmation .
  • If possible please be present at your home to meet your maid.  All maintenance services require for you to be home during the arrival and completion of the service. 


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee . Our professional cleaner will review all work areas with you before they complete their appointment. If they have missed a spot they will re-clean that area for you before they leave. All maintenance jobs require someone at your home to review the work before your tech. leaves. All services are non refundable . We do not provide refunds under any conditions.